Duff Damos

Duff has been in radio since he worked with Marconi back in the last century!  Most "radio geeks" as Duff puts it move every couple years.  Having been a single Dad of two incredible Daughters Duff decided to plant his feet in the Wisconsin ground and pretty much stay put.  Concentrating on radio and kids have pretty much been his life story.  "My Daughters are my life and radio was how I supported them." 

Starting at WWMH in Minocqua then moving on to Wausau to work at WIFC for 18 years then up to the Northwoods has pretty much been his radio life.  "I saved a lot of money on moving expenses."  Most radio geeks tend to have stock in moving companies.  Duff took stock in all the great listeners in Central and Northern Wisconsin.  "I've worked for a few companies over the years and have to admit that NRG is by far one of the best companies I've had the pleasuere to work for over my many years in the business"  His mentor was Dave Raven who owned WIFC in the 80's and went on to own WMQA and WHDG in the Northwoods where Duff moved to in the 90's.  "I love the business side of radio as well as being in the trenches on air and out on the road.  I have met a LOT of great people over the many years whether in the business, advertisers or many of the great listeners over the years". 

Duff has always loved all genre's of music.  From his Top 40 days to Funk, R&B, Country and of course his favorite...CLASSIC ROCK.  "If it's good music...that's good enough for me."  His latest long-time role not only puts him in the afternoon "air chair" on ROCK 105.3 WRLO but also Operations Manager of NRG Northwoods.  Sill going strong after all these years and lovin' every minute of it.